Tour de Los Puertos

Route circular La Riela – El Pozu of the dead Mul.lares – San Antolín de Ibias – Cecos – Coniu port – sale – La Riela

Well dead womenDistance 89 Km.

The port path gives us the task to summarize the contents of a so extensive as Fuentes del Narcea region through its circular route, allowing the entry in various parts of the region.

Entering from the shimmering Straits and perched valleys of El Coutu, of rich ethnographic heritage, lead us to the alto de El Pozu of the Mul.lares dead where the legend has become a poetic sense in the place. It says that during a storm several women were killed as they were heading from San Salvador to Cangas del Narcea. The name of the port can also be a derivation of "moliare mutsadas" (water stagnant), since during the Roman occupation, this point was used to store water that was subsequently used in the extraction of gold mines.

You will have the opportunity to see great panoramic views of the mountains that run hiking trails in a natural entrance to the Natural Park of las Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias or the traditional villages of the ibiense as Seroiro slope. From them you can start many routes that will teach you their culture and ethnography.


MillIn San Antolín you can visit the classroom of the nature of the Natural Park and the center of interpretation of the Palloza.

After passing through the village of Cecos and back to the canguesa by the port of Coniu area, hearings take us into the forests of Muniel.los, considered one of the most important oak forests of Europe.

Excellent views over their oak forests are the delight for photography enthusiasts. Landscapes of great natural beauty that will not leave indifferent to visitors. Do not miss any of their stations. It will seem always different.

You can visit the interpretation centre of Muniel.los featuring a complete recreation of this reserve and its inhabitants, as well as two viewpoints that allow to see the forest in all its glory. To visit the interior of the reserve, it is necessary to request permission.

From La Venta, the Narcea River accompanies visitors up to the town of La Riela, where the route had begun.