Holly Road

Route Cangas del Narcea – Veigalapiedra – sanctuary of Acebu – Veigalapiedra – Carceda – Cangas del Narcea.

Distance 33 Km.

CruzAceboWe leave Cangas del Narcea along the local road CN-2 going to Vialar and immediately left behind just the village of Cangas, take on the right the road that leads to L'Acebu. We pass through the villages of Robleu, Borracan and Veigalapiedra, will reach traditional stop to rest and recharge of pilgrims climbing to L'Acebu walk.

We continue along the road that winds its way up to take us to the high mountain where the shrine of more tradition and veneration of the entire region. Here we can see the unique building built in the 16th century as a result of a few miraculous events that occurred in the place where stood an old chapel. In its interior altarpieces and images are mannerists and much Courias.


But it is also possible to enjoy your environment with a pleasant stroll, because from here you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic. The Mirador de L'Acebu located shortly before reaching the high, shows before our eyes throughout the Valley where sits the village of Cangas and the Valley of Naviegu. The mountains of Santa Isabel and the Pandu, at the bottom of the Valledor and the L.lagos. To finish the silhouette of El Cuetu d'Arbas South. Lla Cruz, road to L.linares and one kilometre from L´Acebo there is another viewpoint that overlooks the Sierra de Serrantina.


Mapa2RutaAceboL´Acebu back again and will make the return along the track which continues North through Vil.lanueva, Veigalapiedra through the chapel of La Pilarina, to the height of Viescas, where it becomes the local road CN-2. To the left we take back to Cangas. But earlier, in Carceda, there is a church with Romanesque remains and interesting wall paintings in its interior.